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Task Force Description

The ALEC Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force is dedicated to researching and promoting sound economic policy aimed at creating a pro-growth atmosphere in state economies. Policies that promote economic growth and increase state competitiveness are achieved by reducing excessive government spending and limiting the overall tax burden. The Task Force’s legislative members are at the forefront of developing sound, fiscally responsible, and free market tax and fiscal policies to address the needs that the states now face.

The Task force has pioneered policies that increase budget transparency, promote state spending limitations, require super-majorities for tax increases, implement dynamic revenue forecasting, and many more. The Task Force has four Subcommittees that examine specific policy areas in detail. These areas include fiscal federalism issues, internet taxation, state budget reform, and public pensions.

A recent survey of state legislators indicated that tax policy was their top concern. Now is a time when state debt is mounting, budgets are tightening, and states are looking to become more economically competitive. The ALEC Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force is working to provide economically viable, fiscally responsible, and free market solutions to promote economic growth.

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All Model Policies

  • Resolution Opposing Federal Bailouts of State and Local Pension Plans Final

    Summary: A resolution in support of federal legislation prohibiting the Secretary of the Treasury and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System from providing bailouts or other financial assistance to a pension plan of a State or political subdivision thereof, and for other purposes. Model Resolution WHEREAS, state …

  • Enhanced Integrity in Public Employee Pension Plan Reporting Final

    Enhanced Integrity in Public Employee Pension Plan Reporting  Summary Under current GAAP for state and local governments some financial statement users may not realize the gravity of failure to address under-funding of state-sponsored pension plans. This Resolution calls upon the relevant standard-setting body, the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB), …

  • Resolution Opposing Taxpayer Financing of Professional Sports Stadiums Final

    Summary The resolution opposes taxpayer financing of professional sports stadiums and venues. Definitions “Professional sports” means any sporting event or competition featuring non-amateur athletes. High school or collegiate level athletics and competitions funded solely by 501(c)(3) non-profit entities within their charitable purpose are excluded from this definition. “Stadium” or “Professional …

  • Resolution Urging Congress to Cut the Federal Corporate Tax Rate Final

    Summary: This resolution encourages Congress to cut the 35 percent federal corporate tax rate and replace the U.S.’s “cross-border” tax system with a “home country” tax system in order to improve the ability of the 50 U.S. states to compete for international investment and jobs in the global economy. Model …

  • Resolution on Taxation of Smokeless Tobacco Products Versus Cigarettes Final

    Summary This resolution recognizes that tobacco harm reduction is a vital component in a successful tobacco control strategy.  While abstaining from all tobacco is the best way for smokers to reduce their risk of disease, state governments must also consider if those who will not abstain can reduce their risk …

  • Audit Equity and Process Simplification Act Final

    Audit Equity and Process Simplification Act  Summary  Typically, a state tax auditor does not review every transaction in an audited period.  Instead, the auditor uses a sample of transactions to ascertain an underpayment or “error rate.” The auditor then projects the error rate over the audited …

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