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There is no sector of our economy where the hand of government is more evident than in health care. Half of what the nation spends on health care is public money, and this expansion of government involvement comes at the expense of patient control. True consumer choice leads to increased access at lower costs, while encouraging the innovation necessary to meet the growing needs of the nation’s diverse populations — the best health care system is consumer-driven, not government-driven.

The ALEC Health and Human Services Task Force has been a national leader in promoting free-market, pro-patient health care reforms at the state level. Since 2005, 38 states have enacted ALEC HHS model policy.

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All Model Policies

  • Resolution in Support of Oral Health Curriculum Final

    Resolution: WHEREAS, oral health is distinct from other aspects of health care in that oral health predominantly relates to two diseases—caries and periodontal disease—both of which are largely preventable; and WHEREAS, unlike in medicine, emergency room visits for oral health should be entirely avoidable; and WHEREAS, an analysis of emergency room visits in …

  • Grandparent Guardianship Act Final

    Summary: This act establishes a preference for the appointment of the child’s grandparent as guardian of the minor in certain cases. This act: Requires the department of health and human services to make certain benefit eligibility information available on the department’s website and to grandparents seeking guardianship of their grandchild.

  • Requiring Legislative Approval for Medicaid Expansion Act Final

    Requiring Legislative Approval for Medicaid Expansion Act Summary: Prohibits the expansion of Medicaid eligibility through an increase in the income threshold without prior legislative approval. Model Policy: Section 1. Title. This Act shall be known as the “Requiring Legislative Approval for Medicaid Expansion Act.” Section 2. Legislative Approval Requirement.

  • Resolution: The Caregivers Bill of Rights Final

    Whereas, family members, caregivers and guardians of an individual with a serious mental illness are recognized as being an integral part of that individual’s treatment team; and Whereas, federal and state laws allow many routine and often critical communications between behavioral health care providers and a patient’s family members, caregivers …

  • Self-Sufficiency in Medicaid Act Final

      Summary This Act provides that the state’s Medicaid Program will institute a work requirement for able-bodied adults receiving services and benefits from the Medicaid program in {insert state}. Model Legislation Section 1. Short Title. This Act shall be known as the “Self-Sufficiency for Medicaid Act” Section 2. Purpose. The …

  • The Foster Youth Driver’s License Act Final

    The Foster Youth Driver’s License Act Summary This act will allow a minor who is in the custody of the Department to apply for a drivers permit or driver’s license without requiring them to have a parent’s or other adult’s signature on the permit or license applications. Model …

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