Energy, Environment and Agriculture

Task Force Description

The Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force operates under the principles of free-market environmentalism, that is to promote the mutually beneficial link between a robust economy and a healthy environment, to unleash the creative powers of the free market for environmental stewardship, and to enhance the quality and use of our natural and agricultural resources for the benefit of human health and well-being.

The Task Force works to develop model policy in a wide variety of issue areas, including energy, public lands, chemical regulation, agricultural technology, regulatory reform, air and water quality, federal-state relations, environmental health, waste management, rural development, and property rights.

The Task Force launched the EPA Regulatory Train Wreck Initiative to ensure states remain the first among equals with the federal government on environmental regulation. In addition, ALEC’s efforts are intended to maintain the important balance of rational environmental protection with economic progress. The initiative focuses on pending and proposed EPA regulations and the cooperative federalism intent of the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

Meeting Information

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All Model Policies

  • Resolution in Support of FERC Proposed Rulemaking on PURPA Draft

    Whereas the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) was passed in 1978, splitting authority for implementation and enforcement of different aspects of the law between the states and federal government Whereas in recent years, numerous state legislatures and public utility commissions have sought to amend their …


    MODEL POLICY ON HEMP AND CBD PRODUCTION AND SALE   BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE: NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1.  The legislature intends to: (1) Authorize and establish a new licensing and regulatory program for hemp production in this state in accordance with the agriculture improvement act of …

  • Resolution Concerning the EPA’s Underground Injection Control Class VI Rule Final

    WHEREAS, coal and natural gas power plants and other industrial facilities electing to undertake carbon capture projects for the purposes of geologic sequestration are required to receive approval under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Class VI rule of the Underground Injection Control program established during the Obama Administration, and WHEREAS, the …

  • Resolution in Support of State Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Corridors Final

    WHEREAS, states know best how to steward their environment and natural resources, and WHEREAS, pipelines are needed to transport carbon dioxide from natural domes and anthropogenic sources to oil fields, and WHEREAS, over five thousand miles of carbon dioxide pipelines have been built in the United States for the purposes …

  • Resolution Supporting Equal Tax Treatment for All Vehicles Final

    WHEREAS, the federal government currently offers a tax credit of $7,500 each for certain types of vehicles up to a threshold of 200,000 per automobile manufacturer; and WHEREAS, tax credits for politically favored companies or products distort markets and encourage additional lobbying for government favors; and WHEREAS, tax credits …

  • Resolution on Wildfire Policy Final

    WHEREAS, there is a growing number of large, catastrophic wildfires that are impacting communities and their citizens across the West, creating adverse health impacts, destroying billions of dollars in public and private property; and creating significant reliability concerns for the energy sector; and WHEREAS, wildfire risk is increasing due to …

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