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The Civil Justice Task Force and its members are at the forefront of the efforts to restore fairness and predictability to the civil justice system. The Task Force has developed model policy to protect the legal system from frivolous litigation that threatens its reliability, strains judicial resources and cripples businesses’ ability to innovate, employ and engender economic prosperity.  We bring together legal scholars, state lawmakers and industry representatives to craft targeted reforms that minimize loopholes, oust outrageous legal theories, align lawsuits with commonsense liability, and make the legal system a better arbiter of the free market economy.

Civil Justice Task Force work has resulted in the development of over 75 diligently developed model policies that balance justice in such areas as consumer protection liability, judicial overreach, asbestos litigation, workers’ compensation, product liability, anti-SLAPP public speech protection, jury service, sue and settle regulatory expansion and more.

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States with predictable legal systems that promote fair business practices attract business development and encourage job creation. In contrast, frivolous litigation is a byproduct of state laws that incentivize costly and low-merit litigation. Learn more about state legal systems and lawsuit reform at

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  • Resolution Opposing Anti-Indemnity and Anti-Additional Insured Legislation Final

    WHEREAS, a number of state legislatures have passed laws prohibiting standard indemnity and additional insured contract provisions that have been in use for decades WHEREAS, the freedom of contract is among the fundamental liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution and is an essential element of a free-market economy WHEREAS, …

  • Truth in Damages Act Final

    Section 1. {Title} This Act shall be known and may be cited as the Truth in Damages Act. Section 2. {Definitions} The following words, as used in this Act, shall have the meaning set forth below, unless the context clearly requires otherwise: (A) “Collateral source” means a benefit paid or …

  • Property Insurance Claims Act

    Property Insurance Claims Act Summary This Act is intended to address issues that exist in residential and commercial insurance claims involving alleged damage to property and ensure fairness to all involved parties during the claims process. Model Policy Section 1. {Title, enacting clause, etc.} …

  • Public Participation Protection Act

    Public Participation Protection Act Summary The ALEC Public Participation Protection Act is intended to encourage and safeguard public participation in civic society. Some have abused the civil justice system by filing, or threatening to file, lawsuits against …

  • Model Act On Private Enforcement Of Consumer Protection Statutes

    Model Act on Private Enforcement of Consumer Protection Statutes Summary State consumer protection statutes, frequently known as “unfair and deceptive trade practices acts,” vary widely from state to state.  ALEC’s Model Act on Private Enforcement of Consumer Protection Statutes structures the private right of action under such laws to …

  • Trespasser Responsibility Act

    Summary The Trespasser Responsibility Act provides that land possessors owe no duty of care to trespassers and are not liable for harms to trespassers except in limited situations that are recognized in the common law of most states. The model act reflects the common law’s status-based approach …

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