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  • Ordinance: Freedom of Association in Local Elections Final

    [Insert Ordinance #] Whereas, Individuals running for political office are currently restricted from being nominated by a political party and Whereas, Individuals running for local office should be free to be nominated by a political party or choose not to associate with a political party, and Whereas, Individuals who win …

  • Ordinance: Prohibition on taxpayer funded lobbying activities Final

    BE IT ENACTED BY THE (Insert Jurisdiction): SECTION 1.   to read as follows: PROHIBITION ON LOBBYING EXPENDITURES. (a)(Insert Jurisdiction) may not pay: a person or entity that is required to register as a lobbyist with the state government for the purpose of lobbying on behalf of (Insert Jurisdiction) any partner, employee, …

  • Prohibition on Paid Union Activity (Release Time) by Public Employees Ordinance Final

    Prohibition on Paid Union Activity (Release Time) by Public Employees Ordinance Section 1. {Ordinance Definitions} The following definitions apply in this ordinance: (A) “Employment bargain” means any formal or informal employment contract, agreement or understanding regarding the wages, benefits or terms and conditions of employment of any public …

  • Statement of Principles on Commercial Speech Final

    ALEC recognizes that commercial speech promotes an open society by eliminating arbitrary burdens on speech and is essential for the free flow of information among consumers and private enterprise in a crowded marketplace of ideas. Speech is also among the most important functions of an entrepreneur. Many of these entrepreneurs, …

  • A Public Safety Resolution Calling on the [Insert Jurisdiction] to Define [Insert Jurisdiction] as a Rule of Law Community Final

    WHEREAS, The Federal Government under the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act as codified in the United States Code (U.S.C.) is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of the laws of the United States of America as they pertain to legal immigration; and WHEREAS, the authority for enforcement of …

  • Public Comment Time Guidelines Final

    Summary The freedom of speech is a guaranteed right in the United States Constitution. Open government is the cornerstone of the American republic. Citizens should always have the opportunity to be heard anytime a local governing body is meeting. Therefore, the American City County Exchange has developed principles of public …

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