19th Report Card on American Education

by Dave Myslinski & Dr. Matthew Ladner


State Education Rankings

The 19th edition of the Report Card on American Education is a comprehensive overview of educational achievement levels, focusing on performance and gains for low-income students, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Report Card details state-by-state grades in the following policy areas:

1. State Academic Standards

  • English and Language Arts
  • Mathematics

2. Private School Choice Programs

  • “A” Grade or Multiple programs

3. Charter Schools

  • Charter Schools Allowed
  • Charter School Law Grade

4. Teacher Quality

  • Delivering Well Prepared Teachers
  • Expanding the Teaching Pool
  • Identifying Effective Teachers
  • Retaining Effective Teachers
  • Exiting Ineffective Teachers

5. Online Learning

  • Multi-District, Full-time Online School
  • Digital Learning Now! Metrics Achieved

6. Home School Regulation Burdens

Authors Dr. Matthew Ladner and Dave Myslinski analyze student scores, looking at state education rankings and improvement over recent years. When combined, these policy measures build the state’s overall policy grade. Furthermore, the Report Card highlights education policies states have enacted and provides a road map to best practices, allowing legislators to learn from each other’s education reforms. This year, Indiana Governor Mike Pence writes an inspirational forward citing his state’s education reforms in school choice, school accountability, and vocational opportunities.

 What Others Are Saying:

“The Report Card on American Education is an invaluable resource that shows where we have been, where we are, and most importantly, where we need to go from here.”

-Governor Mike Pence, Indiana

“ALEC’s Report Card on American Education serves as a helpful guide for education reformers across America.”

-Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma

“ALEC’s Report Card on American Education is a helpful guide for anyone who wants to achieve a quality education for all students. The book answers two questions facing everyone involved in the education reform debate: Where are we today? Moreover, where do we need to go? It explains why the state quo is unacceptable, and offers a blueprint for reform to create the kind of education system and learning opportunities American students deserve.”

-Former Governor Jeb Bush, Florida


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