Center for State Fiscal Reform

Policy Center Description

The need to reform state budgeting is more vital than ever before. Clearly, the “business-as-usual” budgeting approach of raiding non-general fund accounts and using tricky accounting techniques is not a viable long-term solution. States need innovative budgeting strategies to address today’s economic challenges—without resorting to economically damaging tax increases. As ALEC’s Rich States, Poor States publication so aptly points out, tax increases come at a very high cost: the erosion of state economic competitiveness.

ALEC is a valuable resource to help create true fiscal reform and protect taxpayer dollars. We provide sensible solutions for responsible budget reform by helping legislators understand what works and what fails.

Task Forces

Tax and Fiscal Policy

The ALEC Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force is dedicated to researching and promoting sound economic policy aimed at creating …