Thurston Powers

Legislative Analyst, Center for State Fiscal Reform



Thurston Powers is a legislative analyst with the Center for State Fiscal Reform at ALEC where he researches and analyzes state tax, budget, and pension policies. Thurston worked on these areas previously at the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, a state based think tank headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. As both a Connecticut native and policy analyst, Thurston has seen firsthand what poor tax and budget policies can do to even the wealthiest states.

In May 2017, Thurston received his Master’s in Public Administration in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy with a focus in policy analysis from NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

Thurston enjoys discussing tax and debt finance policy over coffee, reading while drinking coffee, listening to audiobooks on long drives while drinking coffee and coffee.

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  • Tax and Fiscal Policy - Staff
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      State Tax Cut Roundup 2017

      The 2017 legislative session ended with nine states enacting changes to their tax codes sufficient to qualify for State Tax Cut Roundup. Each state provided substantial tax relief for their …

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      Unaccountable, Unaffordable 2017

      Unaffordable and Unaccountable 2017 surveys the more than 280 state-administered public pension plans, detailing their assets and liabilities. The unfunded liabilities (the amount by which the present value of liabilities …

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