Stephen Rupp

Coordinator, Digital Engagement


Stephen Rupp is the Digital Engagement Coordinator, working closely on connecting the impactful policy and membership work of the American Legislative Exchange Council with digital media platforms. Carefully molding this digital footprint makes sure that ALEC’s work is accessible to as many policy impassioned individuals as possible.

Stephen comes to ALEC from Hillsdale College, where he studied English and received the Whiley Departmental Honors. At Hillsdale, he was an active part of the vibrant academic community, sitting as Grounds Manager for his fraternity, participating member of the Film and Production Club, and regular attendee of both the Student Federation and Inter Fraternal Council meetings.

Hailing from the countryside of Ohio, Stephen has a love of the great outdoors, hiking and biking frequently in his spare time – normally toward a scenic spot for reading. With literature and art as two of his greatest passions, he frequents museums, theatres, and bookshops and leaps at the opportunity to do so in a new city.