Skip Estes

Legislative Analyst, Center for State Fiscal Reform



Skip Estes is a legislative analyst with the Center for State Fiscal Reform at ALEC. After an enriching summer with ALEC as a tax and fiscal policy intern, Skip rejoins ALEC as a recent graduate of The College of William & Mary in Virginia with his Masters of Public Policy. Skip is thrilled to have the opportunity to apply his passion for state tax and fiscal policy to his work at ALEC.

While at The College of William & Mary, Skip was president of College Libertarians and debated political philosophy with conservative, progressive, and socialist political clubs. Through his Masters’ coursework, Skip authored an award-winning thesis comparing effects of marijuana taxation on state revenues in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Skip loves history and the great outdoors. An ideal Saturday is spent on the water with a pack of new craft beers from some favorite local breweries.

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