Michael Bowman

Vice President, Policy



Experience and a passion for policy is the history of Michael Bowman, the Vice President of Policy. Michael has more than 25 years of state legislative and policy experience.  He has successfully run non-profit policy organizations, professionally managed political state campaigns, consulted and ran Federal and state Political Action Committees, and served as a Legislative Director in the California Assembly and Senate.

Michael is a strong defender of Federalism, a champion for free markets and a crusader to protect individual liberty.  Michael’s gifting is creating left-right coalitions that protect and empower those who have been victimized, trapped or ruined by government laws, programs or institutions.

Michael attended ALEC meetings for nearly twenty years as legislative staff, exhibitor, non-profit private sector member and exhibitor.  He subsequently was uniquely qualified to serve at ALEC for ten years as a respected and trusted Vice President of Policy.

Michael and his wife Sarah have two adult children and enjoy traveling and visiting with good friends.