Genneya Briscoe

Director of Employee Relations, Finance and Administration



Genneya Briscoe joined ALEC in 2008 as the Manager of Administration.  Her love for individual companionship has made her the ideal candidate for managing employee relations, compensation and benefits and overseeing the administration function, which includes managing the ALEC Internship Program.  Genneya’s goal is to enhance the presence of ALEC visibility in the community we advocate for on a daily basis and build relationships through outreach and service.

Prior to joining ALEC, Genneya worked for the National Osteoporosis Foundation.  Genneya started engaging with different personality types as she advanced in her lateral moves within the organization from membership assistant to staff accountant, ultimately finding her place in the Human Resource department and being promoted to HR Specialist.

When not in the office Genneya enjoys spending her time with her daughters.  Aside from being a dedicated mom, Genneya manages her vintage boutique where she is able to focus on her passion for the fashion industry, vintage clothing and antique furniture restoration.