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  • Workplace Drug Testing Act image

    Workplace Drug Testing Act

    Workplace Drug Testing Act Summary ALEC’s model Workplace Drug Testing Act provides that an employer may test for drugs and alcohol in accordance with provisions in the Act, and …

  • Property/Casualty Insurance Modernization Act image

    Property/Casualty Insurance Modernization Act

    Property/Casualty Insurance Modernization Act Summary This model bill establishes a use and file rate regulatory system for personal lines of insurance, a no-file system …

  • Public Employee Freedom Act image

    Public Employee Freedom Act

    Public Employee Freedom Act Summary Excluded from National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), public employees are subject to state and local laws governing collective bargaining. Many of these laws are …

  • Hired With a Silver Spoon? image

    Hired With a Silver Spoon?

    At a time when states are tightening their budgets and looking everywhere to find savings, one area has been largely overlooked. A new study released by Citizens Against Government …

  • Census State Pension Survey 2007-2010 image

    Census State Pension Survey 2007-2010

    The U.S. Census collects key data from selected state and municipal pension funds every year. Data in the tables attached here covers the 222 largest state administered defined benefit pension funds from fiscal years 2007 through 2010.

  • Resolution on Criminal-Background Checks image

    Resolution on Criminal-Background Checks

    Resolution on Criminal-Background Checks WHEREAS, the members of [insert state here] oppose unnecessary and burdensome government regulations on commerce and individual …

  • Union Financial Responsibility Act image

    Union Financial Responsibility Act

    Union Financial Responsibility Act Summary The power of workers to make sound decisions concerning their careers, workplace choices, workplace representation, and other areas of importance hinges on a worker’s …

  • Asbestos in Educational Facilities and/or Public Buildings Act image

    Asbestos in Educational Facilities and/or Public Buildings Act

    Summary ALEC’s model Asbestos in Educational Facilities and/or Public Buildings Act is designed to protect the public from unwarranted remedial asbestos actions that may increase the risk of asbestos …