Resolution to Oppose Federal Intervention in Competitive Electricity Markets

Resolution to Oppose Federal Intervention in Competitive Electricity Markets

WHEREAS, the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism at the state level are fundamental to maintaining individual freedom and an economically competitive nation;

WHEREAS, maintaining access to safe, affordable and reliability energy is critical to individual freedom, prosperity and well-being;

WHEREAS, market-oriented energy policies that allow energy to be produced more efficiently at lower costs with fewer economic disruptions and lower environmental impacts are most conducive to protecting individual freedom and economic competitiveness;

WHEREAS, onerous state or federal regulations drive up energy costs, which drives up the costs of goods and services throughout the economy;

WHEREAS, all electric generating resources in a competitive market should compete on a level playing field;

WHEREAS, federal intervention in energy markets should be limited and leave states flexibility to address the needs of their citizens;

WHEREAS, the federal Administration is reportedly considering plans to require consumers to pay above market pricing to certain electricity generation providers that are no longer economically viable;

NOW, THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, the United States Government should refrain from intervening in competitive electricity markets by providing a bailout to uneconomic electricity generation providers.