Resolution on Wholesale Drug Importation Programs


The Resolution on Wholesale Drug Importation Programs supports the ability of states to use provisions of federal law to seek to establish wholesale drug importation programs and highlights the need for the federal government to help states in order to ensure that wholesale importation results in savings to patients and is done safely.

Resolution on Wholesale Drug Importation Programs

Resolution on Wholesale Drug Importation Programs

WHEREAS, twenty-nine percent of U.S. adults polled in February 2019 reported not taking their medicines as prescribed at some point in the past year because of the cost, and eight percent say their condition got worse as a result of not taking their prescription as recommended, and

WHEREAS, in many cases, manufacturers are making available for sale FDA-approved drugs in other countries at significantly lower prices than U.S. citizens are asked to pay, and

WHEREAS, it is estimated that eight percent of adults (19 million people) in the U.S. imported medication from other countries in 2016, and

WHEREAS, many U.S. citizens living near the Canadian or Mexican border routinely save money by purchasing and legally importing FDA-approved drugs from our neighboring countries, and

WHEREAS, a wholesale importation program could extend savings to many more U.S. citizens, including those that live far from the border, by reducing transactions costs and barriers, and

WHEREAS, mechanisms and processes can be developed to ensure that FDA-approved drugs imported through a wholesale importation program would be just as safe as the current drug supply, and

WHEREAS, eighty percent of Americans polled in February 2019 favor allowing Americans to buy drugs imported from Canada, and

WHEREAS, state and federal policymakers increasingly see importation as a mechanism for improving market function, with four states enacting importation laws in the last two years, and

WHEREAS, federal law permits the federal Secretary of Health and Human Services to approve wholesale importation programs under certain circumstances,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the state of {insert state} supports the continued ability of states to request permission from the federal government to create wholesale prescription drug importation programs that comply with federal law, provide additional competition, benefit consumers with lower prices, and preserve the integrity and safety of the drug supply and encourages the federal government to help those states develop programs that comply with federal requirements on cost and safety.