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  • Drunk Driving Prevention Act image

    Drunk Driving Prevention Act

    Drunk Driving Prevention Act Summary This bill requires mandatory alcohol education for new drivers; prohibition of open containers of beverage alcohol products in motor vehicles; administrative license revocation penalties …

  • College Funding Accountability Act image

    College Funding Accountability Act

    The College Funding Accountability Act Summary The College Funding Accountability Act would require any college or university that accepts state funding to undergo an outside financial audit if …

  • Treatment Center Accountability Act image

    Treatment Center Accountability Act

    Treatment Center Accountability Act Summary This Act would require public treatment centers to track participants in their programs for at least one year to assess whether they are staying …

  • Career Ladder Opportunity Act image

    Career Ladder Opportunity Act

    Career Ladder Opportunity Act Summary Both merit pay and career ladder systems have at their roots the larger idea of a performance-based reward system, a concept of rewarding …