Gas Tax Transparency Act

Gas Tax Transparency Act

(1) The legislature finds that tax transparency is critical to understanding a citizen’s total tax burden and making sound decisions about energy and transportation policy. Providing tax information in a visible way is key to an informed citizenry.

(2) The department shall produce a fuel tax sticker for display on each motor fuel pump from which fuel is sold at retail that displays and provides notice of the federal and state fuel tax rates. The sticker must display the rate of each tax, in cents per gallon, for each type of fuel.

(3) The department shall provide notice of federal and state fuel tax rates, in the form of a fuel tax sticker, with any other notice displayed or required by department rule to be displayed on motor fuel pumps.

(4) The department shall distribute fuel tax stickers to all individuals who conduct fuel pump inspections, including department employees and local government employees. Government employees who conduct fuel pump inspections shall display a fuel tax sticker on each motor fuel pump or shall verify that such a sticker is being displayed at the time of inspection as required under this subsection. Fuel tax stickers must: (a) Be displayed on each face of the motor fuel pump on which the price of the fuel sold from the pump is displayed; and (b) Be displayed in a clear, conspicuous, and prominent manner.

(5) The department shall provide fuel tax stickers by mail to fuel pump owners who request them for the face of each motor fuel pump for which a sticker is requested.

(6) The department shall produce updated fuel tax stickers on an annual basis when one or more fuel tax rates have changed. Fuel tax stickers must be replaced at the time of motor fuel pump inspection if the sticker has been updated with any new fuel tax rates.