Private Sector Membership

Private Sector Membership Overview

Our unique public-private partnership is part and parcel of the American experience. Free enterprise, paired with limited government, is the basis of American success. Working together, American Legislative Exchange Council members present real solutions to create a stable and predictable business environment and grow jobs, opportunity and economic security.

ALEC members work together at the intersection of policy development and real-world application. Through research, evaluation, analysis and information exchange, the American Legislative Exchange Council collaborates with government, the private sector and the public as they develop state-based policies that improve the lives of millions around the United States.

ALEC policy staff provides non-partisan research, policy analysis, expert testimony and reference materials on a wide spectrum of issues, including the Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index, the Report Card on American Education and EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck reports.

Membership Levels

Washington Circle – $12,000

  • Discounted registration rate for ALEC meetings
  • Discounted exhibit booth rates
  • Access to publications and staff research

Madison Circle – $17,000

  • All benefits of Washington Circle
  • Invitations to ALEC leadership-only events
  • Two (2) complimentary registrations per meeting

Jefferson Circle – $30,000

  • All benefits of Madison Circle
  • Three (3) complimentary registrations per meeting

Private Sector members have the opportunity to join any American Legislative Exchange Council task force. Participation in a task force allows business leaders to provide industry insights and participate in model policy development. General membership is required for task force membership. Task force membership is $5,000.

  • Each ALEC task force membership includes one voting representative and one alternate representative
  • Task force voting representatives have the opportunity to debate, discuss and vote on model policy
  • Opportunity to serve in task force leadership positions
  • Priority speaking opportunities at state and national events
  • Ability to present critical industry issues for deliberation by task force members
  • Ability to engage in state-specific education efforts based on ALEC model policy
  • Assistance from staff on model policy, research and analysis
  • Regular email updates on comparative state analysis and policy trends
  • Access to the task force roster
  • Media and public affairs services
  • Invitations to member-only events
  • Share your ideas with ALEC members at
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