Legislative Staff Fellowship

The American Legislative Exchange Council Legislative Staff Fellowship brings staffers together from around the country to network and exchange ideas. The program consists of an online education series and a three-day, in-person training program. Participants learn from ALEC task force directors, experts and scholars on trending and timely policy issues, engage in debate and identify opportunities for change. Overall, the program promotes the holistic development (philosophical, policy and professional) of attendees and helps them promote the ideals of limited government and free markets throughout their careers.

The Legislative Staff Fellowship provides participants the tools necessary to be successful in their careers, learn about free market principles and build lasting relationships with peers from around the country. The program helps participants develop an assessment framework that in turn guides decision making about whether existing or proposed policies are beneficial and should be preserved, or are destructive and should be eliminated. Participants learn to assess the necessity, urgency and relevance of a proposal to the execution of government and provision of services.

Training sessions explore the philosophical principles that guide a free society. They examine how free market principles frame policy discussions legislative staffers confront on a daily basis. ALEC experts offer effective approaches to state policy and how ALEC models serve as a resource for legislators and staff.

To learn more about the program, please contact Aaron Gillham, ALEC Legislative Engagement Manager, at [email protected] or 202-557-8495.

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