Workshop: Got Trade? Job Creation Often Begins beyond Our Borders!


International trade is capturing headlines and deservedly so! Join us to learn more about the job creation potential of foreign direct investment and the negative impact of tariffs on US industries including the agricultural sector. Economic ties with other nations also lead to global peace and prosperity.

Americans – whether they are consumers, manufacturers or farmers – benefit from international commerce which supports 41 million American jobs. Given trade’s outsize positive influence on U.S. economic growth, policies that inhibit America’s trading posture have the potential to harm our economy. Unfortunately, the United States is at the threshold of a trade war that threatens to blunt otherwise positive economic policies. Bringing corporate tax rates into line with the rest of the globe and reducing the regulatory burden for industry encourage investment in America, however, the tariffs proposed and adopted by the Administration have undermined these positive, pro-growth policies. This event is open to all Summit attendees.