Workshop: How to Make Policy Reforms Last: Reform the Regulatory State


How to Make Policy Reforms Last: Reform the Regulatory State

Unchecked administrative rulemaking is the biggest obstacle to achieving real reform on everything from health care to taxation, energy production and education. In recent decades, the scope, economic cost, and sheer power of the “Administrative State” – the agencies, commissions, and other bureaucracies that write and enforce regulations – has ballooned. That ever-expanding bureaucracy creates a drag on almost every policy area that ALEC members care about. Today, individuals and businesses face about 1.08 million federal regulations and as many as 307,636 additional regulations from their home state. State regulatory codes are rife with examples of overreaching regulations – some highly expensive, others just outdated or even silly. These regulations dwarf the number of laws any Legislature enacts, and the regulatory process seriously undermines constitutional, representative government. Instead of the checks and balances and separation of powers that ensure democratic control, administrators have become lawmakers, law enforcers and even law interpreters, an alarming amalgamation of the three major powers of government into one growing entity. Join us to learn about how to thoughtfully roll back administrative overreach and establish best practices for government-wide regulatory reform and oversight.