Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Meeting


Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy
Meeting Agenda

2016 Annual Meeting | Indianapolis, Indiana
Thursday, July 28, 2016
2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

New Hampshire Representative Ken Weyler – Public Sector Chair
Amanda Klump, Altria Client Services – Private Sector Chair
Jonathan Williams – ALEC Vice President, Tax and Fiscal Policy

2:30 PM Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions
New Hampshire Representative Ken Weyler

2:35 PM Old Business – Approval of Spring Task Force Summit Minutes

2:40 PM A Report from the Fiscal Policy Reform Working Group
Missouri Senator Ed Emery

2:45 PM A Report from the Public Pension Reform Working Group
Maryland Senator Gail Bates

2:50 PM A Report from the E-Commerce and Taxation Joint Working Group
New Hampshire Representative Ken Weyler

2:55 PM Legislative Leaders Panel: Success Stories from 2016

3:20 PM Tax Simplification

3:30 PM Policies for Growth

3:45 PM The Indiana Comeback Story

4:05 PM Arizona’s Pro-Taxpayer Pension Reforms

4:20 PM State Fiscal Conditions Report

4:30 PM Policy Debate: Free-Market Solutions for Puerto Rico

4:55 PM Preview of Upcoming ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform Research

5:05 PM New Model Policy for Consideration
State Constitutional Amendment for a Balanced Budget
Resolution in Favor of Tangible Personal Property Tax Repeal
ALEC Statement of Principles on Sound Pension Practices
Uniform Standard for Lodging Taxes Act
An Act Relating to Online Lodging Marketplaces

Amendments to Existing Model Policies
Tax Expenditure Transparency Act

Model Policy for Five Year Review Process
Item-Reduction Veto Constitutional Amendment
State Agency Lobbying Reform Act
Local Government Transparency Act
Pension Funding and Fairness Act
ALEC Statement of Principles on Fixing State and Local Government Plans

5:25 PM New Business

5:30 PM Adjournment