Task Force Meeting: Tax and Fiscal Policy


Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy Tentative Agenda
Thursday, August 9, 2018
2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

2:30 PM Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions

2:35 PM Old Business – Approval of Spring Task Force Summit Minutes

2:37 PM A Report from the Fiscal Policy Reform Working Group

2:40 PM A Report from the Public Pension Reform Working Group

2:43 PM A Report from the E-Commerce and Taxation Joint Working Group

2:46 PM Center for State Fiscal Reform updates

2:50 PM Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder

3:05 PM Legislative Leaders: Tax reform in Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Florida, and Georgia

3:30 PM Pension reform: Michigan, Colorado, and Kentucky discussions

3:35 PM Pension reform: Michigan, Iowa, and Kentucky discussions

3:40 PM Recycling Assets: Infrastructure Funding Solutions

3:50 PM Impact of Occupancy Taxes on Small Business Owners

3:55 PM Property tax reform and education funding

4:00 PM Legendary Free Market Economists: Stephen Moore and Richard Vedder, PhD.

4:15 PM Impact of federal tax reform: (State and Local Income Tax Deduction Cap, revenue inflows, and attempted workarounds)

4:30 PM Impact of federal tax reform: state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap, revenue inflows,
and attempted workarounds

4:50 PM Economic Harms of the Carbon Tax

4:55 PM Case Studies of Marijuana Taxation

5:10 PM Annual Mercatus Center state fiscal rankings preview

5:20 PM New Model Policy for Consideration
Government transparency: Proposed Model Policy-Open Financial Statements
Local Regulation Fiscal Procedures
Model Policy for Five Year Review Process
An Act Relating to Performance Audits of Governmental Entities
An Act Relating To Recovery Audits For Gov. Overpayments Of Tax Dollars

Const. Amendment Restricting the Use of Vehicle Fees and Taxes for Highway Purposes
Council on Efficient Government Act
Defined-Contribution Pension Reform Act
Federal Funds Commission Act
Model Resolution on Limited Government
Model State Administrative Tax Tribunal Act
Promoting Transparency in State Unfunded Liabilities
Public School Financial Transparency Act
Resolution in Opposition to a Carbon Tax
Resolution in Opposition to Discriminatory Food and Beverage Taxes
Resolution in Opposition to Mandatory Unitary Combined Reporting
Resolution on the Federal Deductibility of State Taxes and Fees
Resolution Opposing International Tax Initiatives
Resolution to Endorse the Recommendations of the 2014 Blue Ribbon Panel on
Public Pension Plan Funding
Resolution to Permanently Repeal the Federal Unified Gift and Estate Tax
Resolution to Reduce the State’s Dependence on Federal Funds
Resolution Urging Congress to Reject “Windfall Profits” Taxes on Energy
Statement of Principles on Philanthropic Freedom
Statement of Principles on States’ Dependence on Federal Funds
Taxation Disclosure Act
State Grant Transparency and Accountability Act

5:30 PM New Business

5:30 PM Adjournment