Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Meeting


Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy Meeting Agenda

2:00 PM               Call to Order

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes from the 2015 States and Nation Policy Summit

2:10 PM               A Report from the Fiscal Policy Reform Working Group

2:15 PM               A Report from the Public Pension Reform Working Group

2:20 PM               Legislative Leaders Panel: Lessons Learned from Budget Showdowns in 2016

2:50 PM               New Rich States, Poor States 9th Edition – State Economic Competitiveness Rankings

3:05 PM               Best Practices for State Rainy Day Funds

3:15 PM               Taxpayers’ $310 Billion Unauthorized Appropriations Problem

3:25 PM               Discriminatory Taxes on Hotel Customers

3:35 PM               Panel Discussion: A Non-Partisan Analysis of All Presidential Candidates’ Tax Plans

3:50 PM               Book Discussion: Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights: The Gold Standard of Taxpayer Protection and Spending Control

4:05 PM               Personal Property Taxes in the States

4:15 PM               Internet Sales Tax Collection Update from Washington, DC and the States 

4:25 PM               What Can States Learn from the Puerto Rico Financial Crisis?

4:35 PM               Pension Reform Update

4:45 PM               Model Policy for Consideration

  •  Resolution in Support of Ending Unauthorized Federal Spending
  • Resolution in Support of Non-Discriminatory Property Tax Policies

4:55 PM              For the Good of the Order 

5:00 PM               Adjournment