Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy


Call to Order, Welcome and New Member Introductions

Old Business – Approval of States and Nation Policy Summit 2020 Minutes

A Report from the Fiscal Policy Reform Working Group

A Report from the Education Finance Joint Working Group

A Report from the Public Pension Reform Working Group

A Report from the E-Commerce and Taxation Joint Working Group

A Report from the Medicaid Reform Joint Working Group

Center for State Fiscal Reform Updates

  • New Publications
  • Legislator Policy Academy Series

Update on State Preemption of Local Tax and Regulatory Powers

Legislative Leaders Panel: Arizona Tax Relief; Texas Pension Reform; New Hampshire Income Tax Changes; and Kansas and Nebraska Truth-in-Taxation

Fiscal Rules to Restrain State Spending Levels and Growth

New Model Policy for Consideration

  • Resolution Urging Congress to Let States Cut Taxes
  • Statement of Principles on ARPA Aid to State Governments

Economic Outlook for 2021 and Beyond

State Treasurers Panel: Oversight of ARPA Funds; Pension and OPEB Reform

Implications of 2021 State Tax Policy Changes

Member Updates and Final Announcements