Task Force on Homeland Security


2:00 PM

Call to Order and Introductions

2:05 PM

Approval of Minutes from Annual Meeting

2:10 PM

Discussion: Identifying and Combatting Extremism in Schools

2:25 PM

Discussion: An Update on State Laws Impacting Facial Recognition Technology and Other Laws that may Hinder Effective Local and State Law Enforcement Efforts

2:45 PM

Discussion: Update from the Federal Election Assistance Commission

3:15 PM

Discussion: Election Security, Vulnerabilities in State Elections Systems and Foreign Efforts to Interfere with US Elections; What Can States Do to Ensure the Integrity of their Elections Processes?

4:15 PM

Discussion: Election Integrity, How Vulnerable are State Elections Systems to Manipulation and Misuse?

4:45 PM

Policy: Resolution to Support the Secure Elections Act

4:55 PM

Good of the Order

5:00 PM