Task Force on Health and Human Services


Task Force on Health and Human Services
2017 States and Nation Policy Summit | Nashville, TN
Thursday December 7, 2017
Draft Meeting Agenda

2:30 PM Call to Order
Welcome and Introductions
Approval of Minutes: ALEC Annual Meeting 2017

2:45 PM New Members Recognition

3:00 PM Presentation: Telehealth and the Impact on Vision Care

3:15 PM Presentation: The Benefits of Ocular Telehealth

3:30 PM Presentation: Regenerative Medicine in Advanced Wound Care

3:45 PM Presentation: Evidence-based Opioid Treatment Programs

4:05 PM Panel Presentation: “How Mental Health Dollars Can Do the Most Good”

4:35 PM Model Policy Consideration: Caregivers Bill of Rights Model Policy

4:50 PM Presentation: Free-Range Kids policy thoughts

5:05 PM Presentation: Navigating ObamaCare Waivers

5:15 PM Presentation: Six States Leading the Way on Health/Welfare Reforms

5:25 PM For the Good of the Order

5:30 PM Adjournment