Task Force on Federalism and International Relations


Annual Meeting 2020 | Orlando, Florida

Friday, July 17, 2020

Call to Order

Welcome, Approval of the Minutes and Introductions

Presentation: Resilience in Action – American Federalism during the COVID-19 Crisis

Presentation: Cooperative Federalism and COVID-19 Crisis Management – The Case of Germany

Presentation: State Push-Back Against Federal Overreach: Deciding Who Decides for the State

Model Policy Consideration: Draft Resolution Calling on Congress and the President to Protect the States’ Autonomy to Set Their Own Consent Procedures

Presentation: Gubernatorial Overreach Is Facilitated by Many State Emergency Management Acts

Model Policy Consideration: Draft Statement of Principles to Inform Emergency Management Acts

Presentation: Confucius Institutes – CCP Propaganda and IP Theft on American Campuses

Model Policy Consideration: Draft Act to Prohibit Confucius Institutes in Public Institutions of Higher Education in [INSERT STATE]

Presentation: 34 States v. Congress – Is it time for 34 states to file a mandamus claim against Congress for failing to count Article V applications and call a Balanced Budget Amendment Convention as mandated by the US Constitution?

Presentation: Re-Empowerment of the States Amendment-A Way to Increase the Power and Influence of the States

Model Policy Consideration: Draft Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Re-Empowerment of the States Amendment

Model Policy Consideration: Draft Resolution Urging Negotiation of a Bilateral Free Trade Agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom

Presentation: PILT – Pittance in Lieu of Taxes ~ Utah Federal Land Valuation Analysis

Model Policy Consideration: Draft Resolution Protecting the Basis of Federalism

For the Good of the Order