Task Force on Federalism and International Relations


Call to Order, Welcome, Approval of  Minutes and Introductions

If You Think Intellectual Property Doesn’t Matter to Your State, Think Again!

A Regulatory Reform Triumph in British Columbia                      

New Model Policy for Consideration                       

  • Executive Order Review Process Act

US-China Relations: BFF (Friends) or BFF (Foes)

New Model Policy for Consideration

  • Resolution Urging Congress and POTUS to Evacuate and Protect Interpreters, Their Families and Other Afghani Nationals Who Assisted U.S. and NATO Forces before U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

E-stonia: World’s 1st Digital Nation Navigating the Global Competition in Security, Economy and Governance

Taiwan-U.S. Relations and Cooperation – Stronger Together!

New Model Policy for Consideration

  • Draft Resolution to Prioritize Strengthening the U.S.-Taiwan Partnership to Enhance Global Supply Chain Security and Resilience

Healthcare Policy and Prescription Drug Pricing: What Voters Want

Chinese Influence Operations at the Sub-National Level: Spotting and Stopping Malign Influence in Your Backyard

New Model Policy for Consideration

  • Application Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to Propose an Amendment to Require Fiscal Limitations and Accountability for the Legislative and Executive Branches of the National Government 

The Future of China’s Rise and What It Means to American Democracy

For the Good of the Order