Task Force on Federalism and International Relations


Task Force on Federalism and International Relations

Meeting Agenda

States and Nation Policy Summit 2020 | Virtual

Thursday, December 3, 2020 | 2:00 PM ET – 5:00 PM ET


2:00 PM              Call to Order

Welcome, Approval of the Minutes and Introductions                            

2:10 PM              Presentation: COVID-19 in Europe: National and European Responses and Consequences                                                                                      

2:30 PM              Presentation: Confucius Institutes: Tools of Chinese Government Interference in American Higher Education                            

2:45 PM              Model Policy Consideration: Draft Amendments to Act to Prohibit Confucius Institutes in Public Institutions of Higher Education                            

2:50 PM              Presentation: How to Approach the US-China Trade Relationship                                                        

3:10 PM              Model Policy Consideration: Draft Resolution Calling on Congress to Reassert Its Constitutional Authority to Regulate International Commerce Including Taking Back Control over Decisions on the Imposition of Tariffs                            

3:15 PM              Presentation: Nine Justices: Not Too Many-Not Too Few-Just Rights                             

3:30 AM             Model Policy Consideration: Draft Model Application under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to Propose an Amendment to Require the Supreme Court of the United States to Be Composed of Nine Justices                                                        

Model Policy Consideration: Draft Memorial Supporting the Congressional Joint Resolution Proposing a Constitutional amendment Requiring that SCOTUS Be Composed of Nine Justices                            

3:40 PM              Presentation: Drones and Property Rights — How States and Cities Should Prepare for Drone Deliveries                     

4:00 PM              Presentation: A US-Taiwan FTA-Growing our Economies Together                            

4:15 PM              Model Policy Consideration: Draft Resolution Supporting the United States in Signing a Bilateral Trade Agreement with Taiwan                            

4:20 PM              Presentation: The World Trade Organization in 2021                            

4:40 PM              Model Policy Consideration: Updates and Amendments to Resolution Urging Canada’s Trudeau Administration to Protect Intellectual Property Rights by Dismantling the Promise Doctrine and Opposing Similar Initiatives Proposed by Trading Partners Worldwide                            

4:50 PM              For the Good of the Order

5:00 PM              Adjournment