Task Force on Federalism and International Relations


9:15 AM              

Call to Order

Welcome, Approval of the Minutes and Introductions

9:25 AM

Presentation: A Healthy Tension – The Roles of the Federal and State Governments on Elections

9:40 AM

Presentation: The Antiquities Act Left and Right Agree on Executive Overreach

10:00 AM

Presentation: NATO – After 70 Years, the Alliance Is as Relevant as Ever

10:15 AM

Model Policy Consideration: Draft Resolution Supporting the United States’ Commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during the Year the Alliance Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary

10:30 AM

Presentation: Congressional Authority on Trade – Just the Way the Founding Fathers Wanted It

 10:40 AM

Model Policy Consideration: Draft Resolution Calling on Congress to Reassert Its Constitutional Authority to Regulate International Commerce Including Taking Back Control over Decisions on the Imposition of Tariffs

10:55 AM

Presentation: Insights from China’s State-Run Media

11:25 AM

Presentation: Election Security Is National Security

11:40 AM

Presentation: The Economic Impact to the States of Federal Control of Western Lands

11:50 AM

Presentation: Do You Know Where Your Medicines Are Manufactured?

12:00 PM

Model Policy Consideration: Model Policy Supporting the Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals in the US

12:10 PM

For the Good of the Order

12:15 PM