Task Force on Energy, Environment and Agriculture


Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force

States and Nation Policy Summit | Washington, DC

Friday, November 30, 2018

2:30 – 5:30 PM

Tentative Agenda


2:30 PM               Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions          

2:35 PM               Presentation: What’s Next? Clean Power Plan Replacement and other EPA Rules

3:00 PM               Resolution Concerning the EPA’s Underground Injection Control Class VI Rule

3:10 PM               Resolution in Support of State Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Corridors              

3:20 PM               Resolution Supporting Equal Tax Treatment for All Vehicles 

3:35 PM               Resolution to Oppose Federal Intervention in Competitive Electricity Markets

3:50 PM               Resolution to Support Competition and Consumers Choice in Electricity Markets

4:05 PM               Presentation: Agricultural Policy under the Trump Administration

4:35 PM               Resolution Expressing Support for President Donald J. Trump’s Energy and Environmental Policy Accomplishments

4:45 PM               Resolution Supporting Individual Property Rights; Private Land Use for Energy Development

4:55 PM               Presentation: Forest Fire Management

5:20 PM               Resolution on Wildfire Policy

5:30PM                 For the Good of the Order


5:35 PM               Adjournment