Task Force on Criminal Justice


States and Nation Policy Summit | Virtual Meeting

December 4, 2020

10 AM – 1 PM


10:00 AM       Call to Order

Introductions, Approval of Minutes from Annual Meeting 2020

10:05 AM       Presentation: Compassionate Release in Times of COVID-19.             

10:20 AM       Presentation: Legislative preview of 2021.

10:40 AM       Presentation: Public Safety Initiatives.

11:00 AM       Presentation: Protecting Victims of Human Trafficking.

11:25 AM       Discussion of New Model Policy. Protecting Everyone’s Constitutional Rights Act.

Extending respondeat superior to municipalities to address qualified immunity reform.

12:05 PM       Presentation: Community Corrections and Clean Slate: What is Happening in the States.

12:20 PM       Presentation: The Impact of Sports Betting Legalization on Issues of Criminal Justice.                   

12:40 PM       For the Good of the Order.

1:00 PM         Adjournment