Task Force on Communications and Technology


Task Force on Communications and Technology

Meeting Agenda

States and Nation Policy Summit

December 3, 2020 | 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM


10:00  Call to Order and Introductions

10:10  Approval of Minutes from Annual Meeting

10:15  Discussion: Efforts and Ideas for Closing the Urban Digital Divide

10:45 Discussion: Section 230, Social Media, Presidential Executive Orders and Congressional Hearings – Is Social Media Biased, the Hard Job of Content Moderation

11:15  Discussion: Facial Recognition Technology – Beneficial Uses, Protecting Constitutional and Civil Rights and Enabling Innovation

11:45  Policy Discussion: Statement of Principles on Facial Recognition Technology

11:55  Sunset Review

12:05  Discussion: Disinformation and Security, What Risk Do Chinese Technology and Telecom Companies Pose to the United States?

12:35  Roundtable: Looking Ahead to 2021 – What Will the 2020 Election Mean for Communications and Technology Policy?

12:55  Old Business

            Good of the Order

1:00    Adjourn