Task Force on Civil Justice


2:30 PM          Call to Order

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Minutes from States and Nation Policy Summit

2:40 PM          Civil Justice Task Force Update and Model Policy for Five-Year Review

            Model Policy for Five Year Review:   Honesty in Lawyering Act, Private Enforcement of Consumer Protection Statutes Act, Punitive Damages Standards Act

3:00 PM          Subcommittee Update:

Reining in the Administrative State on the Administrative Law Subcommittee

3:10 PM          Presentation: Illuminating Trends in Civil Litigation

3:20 PM          LIGHTNING ROUNDS: Concerning Developments Around the Country

  • Scientific Evidence and the Roundup Lawsuits
  • Transparency? Or Intimidation? A Look at Donor and Constituent Harassment
  • Litigation to Change the Rules on PFAS Chemicals
  • Data Privacy Laws and Liability Expansion
  • When Judicial Campaign Reform Gets in the Way of the First Amendment
  • How Rolling Back Arbitration May Harm Consumers and Employees
  • Pursuing Predictability in Lawsuit Filing Limitations
  • Outrageous Lawsuit Roundup

4:05 PM          VOTE: Model Policy Update: Anti-SLAPP Statutes and an update to the ALEC Model Public Participation Protection Act

4:30 PM          DEEP DIVE: Trial Lawyer Advertising: Exploring Ways to Advance Public Health, Improve Lawsuit Ethics Accountability and Respect the First Amendment

4:55 PM          LIGHTNING ROUNDS: Interesting Ideas Around the Country

  • Free Speech Lawsuits Against State Bar Associations
  • Improving Oversight of Locality Lawsuits
  • Raising the Threshold for Unconstitutionality in Courts

5:25 PM          For the Good of the Order
5:30 PM