Rural Caucus Meeting


By far, the greatest portion of America is rural, filled with communities that are fundamentally different than those in urban spaces. The needs of rural communities are unique and challenges are different. The ALEC Rural Caucus brings together rural legislators to exchange ideas about the best solutions for rural challenges. Committed to developing the economy and quality of life in rural America, the Caucus unties the voice for the economic opportunity and potential specific to their states but also applicable across rural areas. The goal is to discuss and create solutions to rejuvenate rural communities struggling with difficult economic conditions


9:00 AM              Call to Order

Welcome and Introductions

Discussions and Presentation

9:05 AM               Discussion: Scope and structure of working group + brainstorming for future topics and presentations

9:30 AM               Presentation:  Tennessee Rural Task Force Report

9:45 AM               Discussion: Next steps and future meeting plans

9:55 AM               Good of the Order

10:00 AM             Adjournment