Rural Caucus Meeting


Annual Meeting
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
New Orleans, LA
Rural Caucus Meeting Agenda

10:30am – 12:00pm

10:30am Welcome and introductions

10:40am Discussion: Design of the Caucus
• Caucus members in ALEC Task Forces
• Intermittent communications

10:55am Discussion: Defining Rural
• What areas are rural?
• What different kinds of categories are important in deciding what is rural?
• Should there be certain rural areas that are given higher priority than others?
• “Communities Taking Back Their Communities”

11:10am Discussion: Advancing Rural Infrastructure
• Ensuring that rural areas receive their fair share of state highway funds?
• How can state formulas be adjusted to address the unique needs of rural areas?
• How can states help support rural broadband and other infrastructure projects?

11:25am Presentation

11:10am Discussion: Economic Development
• How can States support the special assets that rural areas have?
• How can rural areas take advantage of high tech?
• How can transportation be leveraged to grow local economies?

11:25am Model Policy: Education
• How can states better support small schools?
• How can online technologies be used to improve STEM in rural schools?
• How can local business and industry be better connected with rural schools?

11:40 am Meeting Concludes