Homeland Security Working Group


Please join us as we discuss security issues that face our nation today. We will be discussing topics in the area of homeland security, infrastructure, cyber-security and emergency preparedness and services. This meeting is open to all attendee who are interested in learning and discussing more about these issue areas.

For more information, please contact Bartlett Cleland at [email protected].

Working Group on Homeland Security

Meeting Agenda

Working group chair: Representative Blair Thorseon, North Dakota

 11:00 AM        Call to Order

 Welcome and Introductions

                        Discussions and Presentation

 11:05 AM        Discussion: Scope and structure of working group + brainstorming for future topics and presentations

 11:30 AM        Presentation:  Brief introduction and discussion regarding school security

Robert Boyd, Secure School Alliance

11:45 AM        Discussion: Next steps and annual meeting plans

11:55 AM        Good of the Order

 12:00 Noon    Adjournment