Health and Human Services Task Force Meeting


Health and Human Services Task Force Meeting Agenda 

2:00 PM          Call to Order

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes from State and National Policy Summit 2015

2:10 PM          Presentation: Work Requirements and the Food Stamps Program

2:25 PM          Presentation: The Right to Try to Save Your Own Life

2:40 PM          Presentation: PhRMA Perspective on Right To Try

2:55 PM          Presentation: Health Care Sharing Ministries Update

3:05 PM          Model Policy Consideration: Relating to prescription, dispensing, and delivery of opioid antagonists.

3:20 PM          Model Policy Consideration: Reporting, Disclosure, and Practitioner Review Requirements Under the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

3:35 PM          Model Policy Consideration: Creates regional pilot programs to address opioid addiction.

3:50 PM          Model Policy Consideration: State Higher Education Institutions Suicide Prevention Program.

4:05 PM          Sunset Policy Review

4:55 PM          For the Good of the Order

5:00 PM          Adjournment