Health and Human Services Task Force Meeting


Task Force on Health and Human Services
Spring Task Force Summit
Grand Rapids, MI | April 27, 2018

2:00 PM Call to Order
Welcome and Introductions

2:05 PM Presentation: Increasing Medical Freedom—Expanding Access to Innovative Therapies for Special Populations

2:30 PM Presentation: State Funded Reinsurance Plans

2:50 PM Model Policy Consideration

Grandparent Guardianship Act, Representative Mariellen Mackay

3:05 PM Presentation: The Dangers of Importing Foreign Pharmaceuticals

3:30 PM Presentation: The Problem with Medicaid Expansion

4:00 PM Consideration of Sunset Model Policies

Requiring Legislative Approval for Medicaid Expansion Act
Resolution on Medicaid Funding Through a Federal Block Grant
Medicaid Block Grant Act
SCHIP Anti Crowd-Out Act
Cancer Drug Donation Program Act
Resolution in Support of Oral Health Curriculum

5:00 PM Adjourn