Health and Human Services Luncheon


The public dissatisfaction with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the presidential election, and federal and state fiscal pressures have presented an opportunity to reframe the policy debate around health care. The Mercatus Center’s challenge is to make sure that the debates surrounding these opportunities are informed by market-oriented solutions that will create better health, for more people, at a lower cost. During this luncheon, Mercatus Senior Fellow Brian Blase will highlight how our research is impacting the public discussion around health care and helping policy makers to identify real solutions.

In addition, luncheon attendees will learn about:

  • The latest coverage effects of the Affordable Care Act
  • The impact of Medicaid Expansion on states
  • Returning insurance market regulation to the states; changing the way we subsidize insurance
  • Reforming the traditional Medicaid program so that it better serves both beneficiaries and taxpayers
  • The overall importance of health care reform in the context of limiting government spending and regulation