Fiscal Policy Reform Working Group


Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Policy Reform Working Group
2018 Annual Meeting | New Orleans, LA
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

9:30 AM Model Policy for Five Year Review:
Council on Efficient Government Act
Const. Amend. Restricting the Use of Vehicle Fees and Taxes for Hwy. Purposes
Federal Funds Commission Act
Model Resolution on Limited Government

Resolution in Opposition to a Carbon Tax
Resolution in Opposition to Discriminatory Food and Beverage Taxes
Resolution in Opposition to Mandatory Unitary Combined Reporting
Resolution on the Federal Deductibility of State Taxes and Fees
Resolution Opposing International Tax Initiatives
Resolution to Permanently Repeal the Federal Unified Gift and Estate Tax
Resolution to Reduce the State’s Dependence on Federal Funds
Resolution Urging Congress to Reject “Windfall Profits” Taxes on Energy Co.
Statement of Principles on Philanthropic Freedom
Statement of Principles on States’ Dependence on Federal Funds
9:35 AM Property tax reform, including “dark store” issues
9:50 AM Bonded obligations- the other debt bomb
10:05AM Sports betting revenue impacts following the Supreme Court decision
10:20AM Budget reform roundtable with Bob Williams
10:45 AM Adjourn