Task Force on Energy, Environment and Agriculture


Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions

Panel Discussion: Winter Energy Crisis in Texas and Oklahoma

New Model Policy for Consideration

  • Hydrogen Tax Incentives Act
  • Resolution Urging States to Establish Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as a Competitive Market Free from Utility Commission Regulation
  • Resolution Supporting the Preservation of the Existing Nuclear Fleet and Deployment of Advanced Nuclear Technologies
  • Act to Establish Statewide Uniformity for Essential Plastic Regulations
  • Safeguarding Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Authority Act

Biden Administration Energy Policy Update

Innovative Solutions in the Agriculture Industry

New Model Policy for Consideration

  • Resolution on Environmental and Economic Stewardship
  • Resolution to Protect Market Access for All Electricity Generators
  • Energy Discrimination Elimination Act
  • Affordable, Abundant, Reliable Electricity Act
  • Resolution Supporting Reliable and Affordable Energy

Member Updates and Final Announcements