Education and Workforce Development Task Force Meeting


Education and Workforce Development Task Force Meeting
Spring Task Force Summit
Friday, April 27, 2018
Grand Rapids, MI
2:00-5:00 pm

2:00 PM Call to Order and Announcements
2:10 PM Model Policy: Environmentally Sustainable Charter School Admissions Act (Amendments to the Next Generation Charter Schools Act)
2:35 PM Model Policy: Economic Development Zone Education Savings Accounts (Amendments to The Education Savings Accounts Act)
3:00 PM Presentation: Discipline Policies and School Safety (Max Eden, Manhattan Institute)
3:45 PM Model Policy: Amendments to The Great Schools Tax Credit Scholarship Program
4:10 PM Presentation: School Climate and Bullying: Can Choice Make a Difference? (Bill Mattox, James Madison Institute)
4:40 PM Sunsetting Model Policies
Teacher Quality Assurance Act
Student Futures Program Act
5:00 PM Adjourn