Criminal Justice Subcommittee


Task Force Subcommittee on Criminal Justice
States and Nation Policy Summit 2018 | Washington, DC
Wednesday November 28, 2018
8:00 – 10:50 AM

8:00 AM               Call to Order

8:05 AM               Discussion of Existing ALEC Model Policies Up for Renewal
1. Conditional Early Release Bond Act
2. Uniform Bail Act
3. Bail Agent Education and Licensing Act
4. Crimes with Bail Restrictions Act
5. Citizens Right to Know: Pretrial Release Act
6. Constitutional Amendment for Victim’s Rights

10:00 AM            Discussion of New Proposed Model Policies

10:00 AM            Dignity for Incarcerated Women

10:05 AM            Theft Prevention Diversion Programs

10:25 AM            Mistake of Law, Recodification, and Ending Criminalization without Representation

10:50 AM            Adjourn