Criminal Justice Reform Task Force Meeting


Task Force on Criminal Justice Reform

Annual Meeting 2016 | Indianapolis, Indiana
Thursday July 28, 2016
2:30 – 5:30 PM

2:30 PM Call to Order
Welcome and Introductions
Approval of Minutes from Spring Task Force Summit 2016

2:35 PM Panel Discussion: DNA Evidence. Lauren Krisai, Director of Criminal Justice Reform. Rebecca Brown, Director of Policy at the Innocence Project. Roger Koppl, Professor of Finance in the Whitman School of Management of Syracuse University and a faculty fellow in the University’s Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute. Keith Harward – Exoneree. Moderator: Sen. Michael Hough.

3:20 PM Panel Discussion: New Developments in Civil Asset Forfeiture: Prepaid Cards Being Seized. Lee McGrath, Institute for Justice. Sen. Kyle Loveless, Oklahoma. Moderator: Sen. Michael Hough

4:05 PM Presentation: The Benefits of Florida’s Adult Civil Citation Program. Barney Bishop, President, Barney Bishop Consulting. Greg Frost, Tallahassee Police Department (Retired). Moderator: Stacie Rumenap.

4:45 PM Presentation of New Proposed Model Policy: Marc Levin, Policy Director, Right on Crime. Introducer: TBD.

5:10 PM For the Good of the Order

5:30 PM Adjournment

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