Communications and Technology Task Force Meeting


Task Force on Communications and Technology Agenda
States and Nation Policy Summit
Washington, D.C. | December 1, 2016

2:30 Introductions and Call to Order
Introduction of New Members
Approval of Minutes from Annual Meeting

2:40 Panel
The Future of Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles, the Technology and Benefits

3:10 Model Policy
Resolution Supporting Small Cell Deployment*

3:25 Model Policy
Privacy and Encryption Protection Act

3:40 Panel
An Overview of State Approaches to the Regulation of Commercial and Recreational Drone Operations

4:20 Speaker
A Federal Perspective for Drone Regulation and Technology in Aviation

4:40 Model Policy
Uniform Policy for UAS/UAV Operations*

4:50 Model Policy
The Broadband Deployment Resolution

5:20 New Business

5:25 Good of the Order

5:30 Adjourn