Communications and Technology Task Force Meeting


Task Force on Communications and Technology
Annual Meeting
Denver, CO | July 20, 2017

2:30 Call to Order and Introductions
• New Member Introductions

2:35 Approval of Minutes from STFS 2017

2:40 Sunset Review I
• Policy TBD

2:50 Panel Discussion: How the Federal Government controls online gambling, what it means for the states, and what states can do about it.

3:30 Update: Restoring Internet Freedom, FCC Actions and Initial Comments Quick Take

3:40 Sunset Review II
• Policy TBD

3:50 Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence: What is it? How will it impact the future? How will it impact the economy?

4:30 Sunset Review III
• Policy TBD

4:40 Panel Discussion: Can an Election be Hacked? How an aging election infrastructure may threaten a state’s election integrity

5:20 Sunset Review IV
• Policy TBD

5:25 New Business
Good of the Order

5:30 Adjourn