Communications and Technology Task Force Meeting


Task Force on Communications and Technology
Indianapolis, Indiana | Friday, July 29, 2016
2:30PM – 5:30PM

2:30 Call To Order
Approval of Minutes from STFS 2016

Report from E-Commerce Subcommittee
Report from Broadband, Innovation & Information Technology Subcommittee
Report from Consumer Protection, Critical Infrastructure and Security Technologies Subcommittee

Introductions and New Members

2:45 Presentation: 5G and Small Cells – The New Frontier in Wireless

3:05 Presentations: Litigation Updates
Open Internet Order
Municipal Broadband

3:15 Model Policy: Digital Contents Warrants

3:25 Presentation: A State Survey of Fantasy Contests and Their Consumer Impact

3:55 Model Policy: Fantasy Contests Act

4:05 Presentation: A Discussion Regarding the FCC’s Proposed ISP Privacy Rule and How It Hampers Consumer Choice

4:35 Presentation: Chip and PIN Technology

4:45 Model Policy: A Model Act Relating to Online Lodging Marketplaces – Establishing Statewide Standards, Protecting Privacy, and Enabling Efficient Tax Remittance

4:55 Model Policy: Uniform Standard for Lodging Taxes Act (Dual Referral from Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy)

New Business


Good of the Order

5:30 Adjournment