Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force Meeting


Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force Meeting Agenda

2:00 PM               Welcome and Introductions

2:05 PM               Panel Discussion: Taxpayer Funded Lobbying Disclosure – Ensuring Public Transparency

2:35 PM               Presentation: An Update on Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Legislation

3:10 PM               Model Policy Discussion: Statement of Principles on Workers’ Compensation

3:25 PM               Presentation: Throwing the Franchise Model in Jeopardy – The NLRB’s Joint Employer Standard, the McDonalds Lawsuit and Further State Action

3:50 PM               Presentation: Responsible Alternatives to State Workers’ Compensation

4:05 PM               Discussion of Model Policies for 5-Year Sunset Review (Retain, Amend or Sunset)

  • Hurricane Mitigation Promotion Act
  • State Council on Competitive Government Act
  • Prohibition Against the Regulation of Nutritional Information Dissemination
  • Resolution in Support of the Transportation Infrastructure Finance Innovation Act

4:20 PM               Presentation: Bridging the Infrastructure Gap – How States Can Use Public Private Partnerships (P3s) to Address Infrastructure Needs

4:50 PM               For the Good of the Order

5:00 PM               Adjournment